Lone Widahl Madsen, a highly skilled clarinetist trained in the classical tradition, has breathed new life into this timeless art form with her intimate and graceful album, “White Sands”. Her mission is both ambitious and simple: to introduce the captivating and evocative timbre of the clarinet to a wider audience. Through her enchanting sounds and haunting melodies, Lone aims to showcase the distinctive beauty of the clarinet and expand its appeal beyond classical enthusiasts.

To further realize her ambitions, Lone has formed her own all-female ensemble called OPUS X , and they are preparing to release their upcoming album “Enchantress”. Produced by the renowned 18-time Grammy Award-winning Steven Epstein and featuring trumpeter Chris Botti, this album promises an elegant and sophisticated sound world, featuring virtuosic performances and sensual melodies from around the globe. In conjunction with the album, Lone has also produced a documentary on “The Making of OPUS X.” Additionally, her latest project, “Scandinoir,” explores original minimalist Nordic ethereal compositions, adding another dimension to her musical journey.

“I want people to see and hear that the clarinet can be as captivating and expressive as the human voice,” passionately explains Madsen. “White Sands” goes beyond a simple reinterpretation of traditional clarinet music. It represents an innovative reinvention, blending beautiful sounds, rhythms, and melodies—both old and new. Lone’s exquisite music transcends the boundaries of classical artistry, appealing to fans of popular music and classical devotees alike.

Tom Hull of Maestro Arts praises Madsen, stating, “Simple beauty permeates Lone’s musical sound world, from the emotional clarity of her compositions to the purity of tone in her clarinet playing.”

Lone’s journey began in Denmark, where she moved with her family to England at a young age. Encouraged by her love for music and the performing arts, she embarked on piano lessons and soon discovered her affinity for wind instruments. Starting with the recorder, Lone’s passion for the clarinet was ignited when she received a clarinet as a gift from her parents one Christmas. From that moment, she was hooked. Dedicated and enthralled, Lone pursued her clarinet studies and achieved top grades with distinction.

“Lone Madsen is among the most talented musicians in Europe. Her work possesses an ethereal, timeless beauty that surpasses most of the classical music produced today. She is truly exceptional,” praises film producer Kris Thykier.

Lone’s desire to experiment and challenge perceptions played a significant role in shaping her career. Following her heart, she decided to further push boundaries by pursuing her musical career in New York City at the prestigious Juilliard School. At Juilliard, Lone had the opportunity to master her craft, immersing herself fully and exploring the rich history of the clarinet. She delved into classical, jazz, world music and experimental genres, questioning and expanding her understanding of music. 

Under the guidance of clarinetist Charles Neidich, Madsen explored the full potential of the clarinet. “I began to absorb all I could and to understand the difference between art and craft. I knew I wanted to go further, to exceed my own expectations and develop as an artist.”

Juilliard provided an environment without boundaries, enabling Lone and her colleagues to push creative limits through experimental and multimedia productions that combined music, film, poetry, and dance into uncharted artistic territory. One notable production was a reimagined adaptation of Stravinsky’s “The Soldier’s Tale,” which Lone restaged and performed to rapturous applause at the Lincoln Center. Lone also participated in the founding of the interdisciplinary group “VisionIntoArt,” touring across America with them.

Steven Epstein, an 18-time Grammy Award-winning producer, remarks, “Lone Madsen’s wonderful sense of style and rich, expressive sound will appeal to a wide, eclectic audience, contributing to the instrument’s increasing popularity.”

Recognizing the importance of balance and curiosity for all art forms, Lone pursued acting and dance classes while studying at Guildhall. She passionately immersed herself in the ‘method’ acting technique at The Drama Centre, leading to roles in theater and film, including the notable role of Miss Gray in Ang Lee’s Oscar-winning film “Sense and Sensibility.”

Since earning her Master’s degree from Juilliard, Lone has collaborated with formidable musical talents. She has established herself as a soloist and chamber musician, performing in prestigious venues worldwide, including The Lincoln Center in New York, Orchard Hall in Tokyo, The South Bank Centre in London, and The Smith Center in Las Vegas, where she performed with OPUS X for a PBS special with The Tenors. She has also participated in various international music festivals, including The Albustan Festival in Lebanon, Pavarotti and Friends in Modena, Aldeburgh, Johannesburg Mozart Festival in South Africa, and Lerici Music Festival in Liguria. Lone’s creative diversity is evident through collaborations with renowned artists such as Alfred Brendel and tenor Andrea Bocelli. She has performed at Bückeburg Castle in Germany at the request of Prince Alexander Schaumburg Lippe and engaged in captivating duets with former Grammy Award-winning Chanticleer Countertenor Terry Barber. Lone’s repertoire extends beyond live performances, as she has been featured and contributed to soundtracks for notable productions such as Jay Z’s ‘The Great Gatsby’, Bliss’ ‘They Made History’, Mike Figgis’ ‘A Portrait of London’ for the 50th Anniversary of The London Film Festival, and film scores by producer/composer Khaled Mouzanar (‘Caramel’).

Conductor Harry Bicket comments, “Lone Madsen is a musician of great warmth and charm, consistently delivering beautiful sound and heartfelt emotion.”

One of Lone’s notable achievements is Her classical trio recording she produced titled “Romantic Trios” offers a fresh interpretation of works by Mozart, Bruch, and Schumann. Produced by Grammy Award-winning Richard King and EMI, this recording has received great acclaim.

Lone’s passion for new music and collaborations has led her to premiere and commission new works for clarinet from highly acclaimed composers such as Nora Kroll Rosenberg, Milton Babbitt, Michael Kamen, and Nico Muhly. Her appetite for unique and innovative collaborations led her to appear as a soloist with The English National Opera and ‘punchdrunk theatre’ in a spectacular immersive performance of “The Duchess of Malfi.”

In addition to her musical endeavors, Lone strives to inspire children through teaching music around the world. She has conducted workshops in Soweto, South Africa, and recently authored and illustrated a children’s book that is currently being developed into a TV series.

“I have always had a desire to compose and a calling to venture out on my own. I wanted to create my own musical soundscape by experimenting with different genres, layering textures, rhythms, dark harmonies, and sonorities, with the seductive sound of the clarinet at the forefront,” shares Lone. With the release of “White Sands,” a collection of graceful, refined, contemporary, captivating compositions and arrangements, her forthcoming OPUS X album “Enchantress,” beautifully produced with a sophisticated and elegant sound world accompanied by a sumptuous string orchestra, and her latest atmospheric original compositions on “Scandinoir,” Lone has fulfilled her quiet but buried ambition. Lone Madsen’s moment, like her music, is right now.

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